Make Your Impact

Officers shape and lead Your SU’s work for students, and there’s a lot! Explore what we achieved in 2022 and along the way find the best role for you.

Question 1:
The SU organises a huge range of events, big and small. Which of these would you be most excited to lead?
Group of SU staff standing next to a stall and table with food on it
Group of students sitting in the lecture
Group of people posing for a photo during vatsity tournament
Woman wearing traditional asian costume
Question 2:
Making positive changes for students is fundamental to what a Students’ Union is. These are just some of the things we’ve done in the last year . Which of these would you want to take forward?
BAME Awarding Group Poster
Students looking at tablet
People waiting in the queue in union streat kitchen restaurant
Your Student's Union Space logo
Question 3:
Students can be a great force for good, raising money and giving their time to worthwhile causes. Which of these would you most want to build on during your time as an Officer?
Cu Scarborough building
Group of people posing for a photo during charity workshop
Artwork supporting Ukrainians
Students raising their hands during lecture
Question 4:
The SU created some once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our members this year. Which of these would you most like to have been part of?
Womam talking in radio podcast
A group of city hosts posing to group photo
Zarah Sultan taking speach in parliment
The One Show logo
Question 5:
Student-led campaigns are at the heart of our work. These are just a few from 2022. Which would you be most excited to develop?
I Love Consent pins
Can you see me now? website screenshot
Young black man looking at the camera and smiling
Young man wearing sports uniform
Question 6:
We have thousands of students getting involved in all sorts of activity. Which of these activities would you want to bring more students to?
Group of women learning brisith sign language
Young female student walking around the hub during welcome
Group of people posing with Your SU frame
Young black man talking during community & inclusion workshop
Question 7:
The SU received recognition from a number of prestigious external bodies. Which accreditation would you to take to the next level during your time as an Officer?
Group of students during volunteering activity in the garden
Student standing and speaking during lecture
Four SU officers sitting in the garden next to the hub
CUSU awards ceremony
Question 8:
In 2022 the SU launched a new Strategy to take us through to 2026. Which area would you be most excited about working on?
Student listening to SU officer speach
Students listening to someone in the hub.
Students speaking with Your SU community officer
Group of students in the hub during Welcome
Question 9:
As a full-time Officer, you would sit on major decision-making groups for both the University and SU. Which of these sound most appealing to you?
SU president talking to students
Group of people entering the hub main entrance
SU president speaking indivdually to one of the students
Students speaking with dominos employee
Question 10:
The SU does a wide range of work, all of which is important in achieving our goal of Supporting Student Success. As an Officer for one year, you would need to focus your efforts to be effective in the role. Which of these statements do you most identify with?
President of Ukrainian society giving speech
Your SU activities officer speaking to a student in the hub
FBL faculty officer speaking to students
Group of students talking to each others


If you don't feel a full-time Officer role is for you, you might be interested in:

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