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Badges are a fantastic way to recognise your individual achievement and skill development. Why not attend this workshop to find out more about how you can achieve our Badges.

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The Hub - Meeting Rooms 1 and 2


Wednesday 19 October 2022


11am - noon



£0.00 (Free)
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About the event

Badges are known as digital accreditation and recognise your participation in an activity (referred to as an achievement) or the development of new skills (referred to as competency).

We have over 30 badges which are either achievement or competency, from ‘Problem-solving’ to ‘Core training’ there are lots of ways for you to get involved and be recognised.

How can you qualify for Badges? 

You can qualify for Badges through engaging with Your Students’ Union such as attending events, taking part in activities or developing individual skills as part of your role within the Students' Union.

How can Badges help me?

Badges are a great and visual way to display your achievements and skills to future employers. Badges are automatically rewarded and can easily be downloaded and added to your LinkedIn profile to help make you more employable

This workshop

This workshop will talk you through the Badges such as-

  • What are Digital Badges
  • The differences between Badges available
  • How to find out what Badges you can achieve
  • How Badges can help make your more employable
  • How to list badges on your LinkedIn

By participating in the event, you will develop key skills and knowledge such as Communication, Specialist Knowledge, Listening and Leadership. In recognition of these skills and knowledge after completion you will be rewarded with a “Optional Training” Badge. This can be displayed on your LinkedIn and showcased to future employers. To find out more about Badges head to our Badges page here.

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If you have any questions please email or you can head to our Badges page to find out more here

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