Inclusive Sports Taster Session

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Join us for our inclusive sports taster session. You'll have a chance to play basketball, table tennis, darts, and more.

basket ball

Priory Sports Hall


Tuesday 21 November 2023


10:30am - 12:30pm


About the event

Come along and try basketball, table tennis, darts, tin can alley and other sports from the perspective of a wheelchair player! This event is open to students of all abilities to take part in. You can sit in a wheelchair or a chair and try throwing balls in the hoops, play games and make awareness of how sports can be adapted to all.

Join us and meet our Welfare Officer Akhil Sha, Disabled Students Community Engagement Lead Lottie and members of the community to learn more about how to get involved in future events.

All students are welcome to participate and learn more about our disabled community.

No tickets are required. 

  • Coventry University (Coventry campus)
  • Disabled Students

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