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Choose to Change with New Relationship Support in Coventry

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Who are Relate?

Relate Coventry is an organisation that supports people and families to develop and keep healthy relationships as well as providing support to victims and survivors of abusive or violent relationships. They provide services like relationship counselling, family counselling, children and young peoples counselling, family mediation, sex therapy and domestic abuse support services. Relate are branded “the most trusted provider of relationship support in Coventry and Warwickshire.”              


What changes are happening?

Relate Coventry recently received some great news in the form of more Home Office funding from West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioners. This means they have been able to hire a new Community Engagement Lead who will be able to spend time out in the local community, raising awareness of Relate services and helping people to access them. They are also expanding their ‘Choose To Change’ project to reach more people in Coventry and the surrounding areas.       


I like that I can get to learn skills to manage situations that could potentially lead to conflict.” (‘Choose To Change’ testimonial)


What is ‘choose to change’ and what can it offer?

‘Choose To Change’ is a program that helps all people who want to change the way they behave in their relationships. The program provides non-judgemental support to those who have engaged in harm in a relationship so that they can address their behaviour and change for the better. There is also full support provided to any partner involved. Since 2007 ‘Choose To Change’ has supported multiple families throughout England and Wales, and now it will be able to support even more families in Coventry! ‘Choose To Change’ is proud to contribute to the development of respectful relationships, safer families and stronger communities.


“I feel like C2C has really helped to change the dynamic in the family in a positive way” (‘Choose to Change’ testimonial)


How can I get support?

If you are based in Coventry and Warwickshire and feel you or your family could benefit from relationship or counselling support, head to the Relate website to find out more about their services and how to get in touch. If you want to refer yourself to the ‘Choose To Change’ program specifically, you can reach out to or call 02476225863.

It’s never too late to make a change.


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