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Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Guidance for Students

Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Is your partner pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Are you becoming a parent through adoption? Find out what options and support are available to you during your time at Coventry University Group.

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Please find paternity, maternity and adoption advice and guidance specific to your campus and level of study below.  

Coventry University Coventry/ CU Coventry:


Coventry University London (University House):


CU Scarborough:


CU London (Dagenham and Greenwich):


Postgraduate Research Students:

The guidance for Postgraduate Research students differs from the guidance offered to undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students so please follow the specific guidance below.

Note: No Coventry University Group campus allows children unsupervised or for extended periods of time without prior approval. You can read the university’s Policy on Children on University Premises to find out more.


Student Advice Spotlight – Tips From Students Using The Policy:

  • Consider what options are best for you, whether that is a semester or a year out of study. It is your decision and always ensure you speak to Registry about the study options for your course.
  • Is there an online option for your course that you might want to consider in order to offer you more flexibility in the future?
  • Write down any questions about your leave and return to study plans to ask the University Welfare team to help design your plan to suit you.

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