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Transgender Students: How to change your details and develop a support plan

This article guides you through the process of changing your details and creating a transition support plan with the university.

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You can request to change your details through two processes:

1. A request based on a legal change

  • You will need to provide either their deed poll, statutory declaration, birth certificate or passport.
  • To comply with anti-fraud legislation, the University is unable to change your surname without valid legal proof.
  • This will enable the university to change your chosen name on all documentation including certificates, transcripts, and Visa documents. Historical paper documentation cannot be changed.

2. A request based on a non-legal change

  • If you have not legally changed your name and/or gender, you can make an informal request for the University to change your details.
  • The University will be able to change your chosen name but all official/legal documentation including certificates, transcripts and Visa documents, will continue to be produced in their legal name. Historical paper documentation cannot be changed.


The process for enrolled students:

1. You are encouraged to book an appointment with a welfare officer from the university's health and wellbeing service to discuss the change. You can find details about your campus' Health and Wellbeing Services below:

- Coventry University, email or call 024 77658029.

- Coventry University London, email or call 024 77651034.

- CU Coventry, email or call 024 77658029.

- CU London or email

- CU Scarborough or email

2. You will be provided with a 'consent and request to change details' form to request the change based on either a legal or no legal change. 

3. Once the form is completed and any required documentation is provided, the welfare officer will coordinate the request and advise on any furhter action. 


I am a offer holder to Coventry University

Book an appointment with the Welfare Team by calling 02477658029 or email to discuss with a welfare officer (campus welfare officer details below.) This means that when you enrol and collect your Student ID card, your details will be correct.

Welfare Officer contact details, for each campus location:

Coventry University:
Coventry University London:
CU London:
CU Coventry:
CU Scarborough:


How to create a transition support plan with the university

If you are considering transitioning; have decided to transition or are transitioning, we encourage you to meet with a Welfare Officer, at their campus location. You can also meet with a member of staff who can request information from the welfare team. This will be anonymous unless written permission is given by you or there is a serious safeguarding concern. The Welfare Officer at the campus location will organise a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the support available from the university and develop a support plan. This plan will include expected timescales of when certain steps will be taken and if time off from study is required.


Informing others

The university suggest it may be helpful to inform specific members of staff within the following departments to support with your transition:

  • Course team (tutors and support staff)
  • Finance
  • International Office Welfare (for international students)
  • Registry
  • Student Services
  • Accommodation Services

You have full choice over who is informed in the university about your transition and you will be able to specify this on the consent form filled out with the Welfare Officer.


Other support available

A free, independent, and confidential service for all students. You can access Your Advice Service by filling out the online enquiry form or by booking an appointment.

  • Mermaids

Phone (0808 801 0400) and webchat support for trans, gender-diverse, and non-binary students available 9am-9pm, Monday to Friday. Visit the Mermaids website here.

  • LGBTQIA+ Society

The LGBTQIA+ Society aims to provide a safe space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and other gender, sexual, and romantic minorities across campus. Visit the societies page onYour Students’ Union website for more information about how to join.


You can read the University's full "Student Trans Equality Policy" here. 


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