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Understanding the Importance of Academic Integrity

Find out the importance of academic integrity whilst at university, what it means and the support available for you to develop your academic writing skills.

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What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is showing accuracy and honesty in your University coursework, assessments or exams. It’s easy to forget why integrity is important if you’re rushing, stressed, or don’t understand the rules. Read all about academic integrity and what it means for you on Your Advice Service's webpages


Why is it important?

If you don’t write well or reference properly, you won’t get high marks. Cheating on purpose isn’t fair to your classmates and stops you taking responsibility for your own achievement. Not referencing or citing shows disrespect to the original authors who have put time into researching, writing and publishing their work. Not only this but it looks unprofessional, lazy and indicates dishonesty.


The University take academic integrity very seriously and repeated misconduct could result in expulsion. You can read about student responsibilities when submitting work in the General Regulations here.


Can I get support with my academic writing?

The Centre for Academic Writing (CAW):

CAW offers a wide range of academic support. They offer 1-2-1’s, workshops, free online guides and resources and more. You can visit them in person by going to the Frederick Lanchester Annex, CV1 5DD. You can also call them on: 024 7688 7902 or email:


Your Library:

The Library offers information literacy sessions to students at all levels, including advice on good academic practice and how students can avoid academic misconduct. Subject Librarians are happy to make one-to-one appointments with students whenever you need help.


You can find more information on what resources and support are available at the Library by visiting your Library website:


Your Faculty

Contact your Faculty Support Office to ask if there are any workshops, study groups or written materials you can access with more information about good academic practice and how to avoid collusion and plagiarism. 


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