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Your Advice Service Faculty Outreach Sessions

Do you have a housing, academic or finance issue? Find out about Your Advice Services' Faculty Outreach Drop-In sessions and appointments.

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Your Advice Service are offering Faculty specific outreach drop-in sessions and appointments in your Faculty buildings – instead of coming to us, we’re making it more convenient and coming to you.  

Find some Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty Outreach sessions below.  


Who will I be speaking to during Your Advice Services’ Faculty Outreach advice session?  

One of the Your Advice Services’ Advice Caseworkers will be available to provide practical advice and support to help you to resolve the issues you may be concerned about or advise you about the options that may be available.   


What can I expect if I contact you?  

The Advice Caseworker will listen to your concerns in the strictest confidence and in a non-judgemental way. They will discuss the options available to you to resolve your concerns.   

The service is free and confidential so the Advice Caseworker will not disclose any details discussed during the meeting, with any third parties (including Coventry University) unless you have given your written consent for them to do so.   

Details of our Confidentiality Policy are available here.  


What specific issues can I get help to resolve at the Faculty Outreach advice session?   

We give advice and support, and provide representation when necessary, on a wide range of problems including the university's academic regulations (such as academic appeals, academic misconduct, complaints and disciplinaries), housing, finance and money, financial support and more. If we cannot provide the help you need we will refer you on to an agency that specialises in your enquiry.  


Is there anything else I can talk to you about during a Faculty Outreach Advice session?  

You can discuss any issues you are concerned about during the meeting and the Advice Caseworker will advise you of the options available to help resolve the matter.   


Please note Your Advice Service have a student safeguarding policy and in certain circumstances, if an Advice Caseworker is concerned about a students’ wellbeing, they may have to report a ‘safeguarding concern’. In the event an Advice Caseworker would need to report a safeguarding concern, they will advise you before doing so.    


Can I get legal advice at a Faculty Outreach Advice session?   

Your Advice Service Casework Advisors are unable to provide legal advice because they are not insured to do so.  

However, they can provide practical advice and support to help you resolve your issue and if legal advice is required to enable you to do that, then they can support you to access legal advice services within your local area.    


What practical support can you provide at a Faculty Outreach Advice session?  

There are a range of practical measures an Advice Caseworker can take to support you.    

For example, they can help you to complete online forms, review a housing contract prior to signing and with your consent, they can contact a third party on your behalf (e.g. landlord) during the meeting to discuss any concerns you may have about your accommodation.   


Can I talk to an advisor about wellbeing/ mental health issues during a Faculty Outreach Advice Session?  

Your Advice Service Casework Advisors are able to listen to your concerns but please note they are not trained counsellors so they may need to make a referral to the University’s Wellbeing Service. You can find our referral policy here. 


Do Advice Caseworkers record any information about the meeting?  

Drop-in Sessions: We take brief details for statistical purposes with no identifying information. If you’d like to find out more, you can access our full Confidentiality Policy. 

Pre-Booked Appointments: The Advice Caseworker will take details required to enable them to support you to resolve your issue.   


Does Your Advice Service have a complaints procedure?  

If you’d like to make a complaint about the service, you can do so here using Your Students’ Union Complaints form.  


Is there anywhere before my session or appointment that I can access information and guidance?   

You can access a range of information available in Your Advice Services online resources.  


Where can I find you and when will the Outreach service sessions be available?  

Check out our events page to find out how to attend a drop-in. You can also book a faculty specific appointment here. 

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