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5 tips to staying well during Welcome

Your Wellbeing & Inclusion team are here with our top tips to remind you to look after you during Welcome 2022.

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5 tips to staying well in Welcome

Whether you are enrolling at Coventry University for the first time, or returning to start a brand new chapter of your student journey, we at Your Students’ Union would like to extend a warm welcome to academic year 2022-2023! 

Welcome is big! Full of information, friends new and old and chances to get involved. This can be vibrant and exciting. It can also be overwhelming and stifling.Your Wellbeing & Inclusion team are here with our top tips to remind you to look after you during it all.

Take the pressure off

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are presented with a packed timetable of events, people offering you opportunities at every angle, invitations to sign up to 100 different mailing lists. Stop! Take a breath! And remember that this is just the start of a much bigger journey. You don’t need to join everything in one day. 

You don’t need to meet your best friends in the first week. We are here to give you a taster of all the different things we can offer to enhance your University experience. But it will all still be here for the one, two, three years and beyond that you may be with us.

So take it steady. Take your time. And grab as much free stuff as you can!

Take advantage of the quieter events

Does the thought of constant crowds put your head in a spin? Don’t worry! Your Community and Inclusion team are here to ensure there are some alternative, more chilled events where you can try new things and make new friends. 

Get creative with our Craftivism session, where you can make your very own prop to be used in our photo booth at the SU Garden party finale. Come along and pamper yourself at the Self-Care workshop run by Lush, where you will learn all about their products and even make one to take away with you. 

Take an alternative approach to meeting new people with our all-inclusive Speed Friending event. And much more…all for you. 

All for free! Find out more and register your interest here.

Remember your physical wellbeing

We hear a lot about how to look after our mental wellbeing, but don’t forget that taking steps to protect your physical wellbeing is just as important. The two can even have a direct impact on each other. 

From remembering to register with a local GP, to getting help with how you can budget, plan and cook healthy, cost effective meals for yourself, to advice on sexual health and help with period poverty. 

Check out our physical wellbeing page for all the ways you can stay safe, happy and healthy with Your SU. 

Say “hi” to your Wellbeing & Inclusion team.

As our name suggests, we are here to help you feel happy and included throughout your time at University. Our friendly advice team can help with a whole host of things, including academic issues, housing and signposting to services such as mental health support, support for disabled students and disclosures of harassment and abuse. Your Community & Inclusion team gives you the chance to learn about and get involved with campaigns, as well as providing various events and celebrations throughout the year to ensure that you can find and feel a part of your own community. 

Look out for us at the faculty advice pop up events during first week, or head here to find out more.

University Services

If you feel like you need support, you can also access the university Health and Wellbeing Team. Here you will find Disability Services, where you can disclose your disability or condition and consider what support may be available to you, for example, individual exam arrangements, assistive technology and/or 1:1 study skills tuition. You can also access mental health and counselling services, as well as the welfare team. 

Finally?...just ask! 

Your SU understands that welcome can be a lot! This is why all staff will be visible and on hand throughout those first two weeks to help with any question you may have. From how to register your card, to where you can get lunch, to what time puppy yoga starts. Just look out for the big smiles and bright pink t-shirts! We are always here for you.


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