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Communities Officer Update – Catherine - September 2022

Hello everyone,

September was a very busy month with a jam-packed programme of exciting events to welcome new and returning students to campus. Here is my monthly update for September 2022 as Your SU Community Officer:

  • Submitted a proposal to secure funding for the 8 Student Communities (for working group meetings, socials, and campaign planning.) As a result, there will be more opportunities for student-lead work at the union.
  • Set up weekly volunteering sessions at Ryton Gardens with the University Grounds Team and Tracy (SU Volunteering and Community Coordinator.) Students are picked up from Coventry main campus by a minibus to the garden on the outskirts of Coventry. This is an opportunity to get outdoors, be active, and socialise with other students, which contributes to my manifesto pledge to increase accessibility to green spaces.
  • Hosted a tour & craft session for 20 incoming students as part of the University’s Disability Support Summer School. Students designed cards and wrote messages to sick children.
  • Attended the SU Societies Committee Mixer.
  • Presented induction talks to a range of courses on the SU, the new Reps system, and societies.
  • Attended Coventry University’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee and presented an update on events and campaigns led by the Community & Inclusion department in the previous academic year.
  • Delivered a welcome talk to ERASMUS Students on the SU, events, Vygo (mentoring programme), sports & societies, and campaigns.
  • Attended welcome events including Queer Words (LGBTQ+ Spoken Word Poetry), City Tours, Intro to Volunteering, Sports & Socs Fair, Commercial Fair, Pets as Therapy, Speed Friending, Bingo, Officer Karaoke Night, Volunteering Day at British Heart Foundation, Plant to Plate, Garden Party, and Officer Scavenger Hunt.
  • Visited Coventry University London (Liverpool Street & Dagenham) for their welcome events, met Mahbub, the London Campus Officer, and took a tour of the 2 campuses.
  • Took part in an interview for research about LGBTQ+ Student Inclusion in UK Higher Education.
  • Registered as a placement supervisor for 2 students through the SU Volunteering Placement Add+vantage module.


What was your highlight of the month?

As a sabbatical officer, I was fortunate enough to attend so many Welcome events and meet lots of you through talks, fairs, tours, and events. There was a real buzz on campus and was great to see Coventry so busy with students again

What was challenging about this month?

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone to talk in front of the camera for social media updates and being confident with public speaking.


Communities Officer Update – Catherine - October 2022


Hello everyone,

As we welcomed the changing seasons this month, it was great to see students settling into university life and getting involved with lots of different activities with the Students’ Union. Here is my monthly update for October 2022 as Your SU Community Officer:

  • Set up the Love Your Uni – Love Your City initiative with the SU Staff Lead, Rachel. This initiative is a pilot project to bridge the gap between Coventry University students and the local community in Coventry. This relationship has, at times, been challenging and therefore we want students to volunteer to give back to the local community during their time at university. Community Champions will also lead campaigns throughout the year, signpost students to relevant information and services, and deliver outreach sessions on campus.
  • Attended the SU Volunteering Fair to promote the Love Your Uni – Love Your City initiative and recruit Community Champions.
  • Attended the Volunteer Taster Day at Ryton Gardens with a group of student volunteers. We cleared a large area in the overgrown Cook’s Garden and had a tour of the site. It was a gorgeous sunny day and a great opportunity to be active outdoors.
  • Chaired the first Coventry Executive meeting of the academic year 2022-2023. Your SU Officers (full-time and part-time) discussed the Student Voice Feedback Restructure and received a staff update from the CEO of Your SU.
  • Co-wrote the first draft of the Access to Participation Plan (APP) with Bianca, the Education Officer. This is a document that sets out how Coventry University will improve the access, continuation, and progression of underrepresented groups in higher education.
  • Shortlisted and interviewed volunteers for the Community Champion role for the Love Your Uni – Love Your City initiative. Once these volunteers were in-post, I created and delivered 2-hour session of training.
  • Attended the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion sub-council for the Faculty of HLS and provided a verbal update on the Community & Inclusion department’s activities over the last year.
  • Collected proxy votes for the Your SU General Meeting with Khushi, the FBL Officer. This meeting was held to vote on the new Articles of Association.
  • Participated in part one of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training for the Senior Management Team at the Students’ Union. The training was delivered by Mission Diverse and discussed race awareness, microaggressions, and unconscious bias in the workplace.
  • Sat on the interview panel for the external Board of Trustees position
  • Hosted an Officer Games Night on the 1st floor on The Hub and went to a social with the full-time and part-time officers of the Coventry campus.
  • Chaired the first People and Culture Committee of the academic year 2022-23.
  • Attended Coventry University’s Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee and discussed how students and the union would be involved in the new EDI strategy for the next year.
  • Completed Committee Chair training and Project Management training.
  • Built hedgehog houses with the university’s Grounds Team by the Community Garden.
  • Supported my Add+vantage placement students to plan a green-themed event and produce an analytical report on student belonging and loneliness.
  • Attended Alumnight which is an event organised by the employability team at Your SU as an opportunity for current students to network with Coventry University graduates and key people in industry. Students can ask about life after graduating, advice on applying for jobs/graduate schemes, and tips on how to improve their employability while still at university.


What was your highlight of the month?

I really liked going to Ryton Gardens to volunteer. It was a great opportunity to get out of the office and be active outdoors. The university grounds team were very welcoming, and I enjoyed socialising with students while we took a tour of the site.

What was challenging about this month?

My timetable has been extremely busy this month and I’ve been learning how to organise my work timetable to ensure I have enough time to prepare for meetings and committees, take regular breaks, and prioritise what will benefit students the most.

Catherine (Your SU Community Officer)


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