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What are Communities? Why do we have them and who can join them? Explore how you can get involved with communities as members or as allies, What activities will happen throughout the year and how you can lead elements of community action.

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What are communities?  

Students of all sexualities, gender identities, ethnicities, nationalities, faiths, and backgrounds study at Coventry. Your Students' Union connects these communities and pushes for positive change through celebration, activism and support. Communities are a space to voice concerns, share ideas, and suggest policy to make Coventry University a better place for all.  
View all the current communities 

Communities are free to join, and you can attend any events your community hosts. Some community members might wish to lead on campaigns, activism and feedback systems for their community which help to improve your experience. 

Community members also aid staff in building digital guides to support community members 

Who can join a community?  

Anyone who self-identifies as a member of that community is eligible to join a community. 

 Why should you join a community?  

  • Meet new people in safe and friendly environments  

  • Build your network  

  • Make meaningful change to improve the experience for those in your community 

  • Lead and take part in campaigns and activism 

  • Have fun  

  • Have a space to communicate and get to know others in your community 

How to join a community 

  1. Log into the SU Website 

  2. Find the community(or more) that you’re interested in  

  3. In the first section of the webpage you can select the button which says “Join the [Community name] community” 

  4. That’s it, you’re registered to the community. You can be a member of multiple communities by navigating to each community webpage or updating your SU profile 

What are community engagement leads? 

Community engagement leads are students who have been recruited to facilitate activity, feedback, and research within their communities.  
If your community has a community engagement lead role in post it will show on the community webpage. 

The community engagement leads are paid roles and sit on our community executive committee. 

How can you become a community engagement lead? 

Each year we will recruit for vacant roles, You will need to submit an online application and attend an interview since this is a paid role.  
When roles become available they will be published onto the website jobs page

What is the community executive committee? 

The community executive committee is made up of our 5 community engagement leads alongside our sabbatical community officer.  
The committee meet monthly to discuss community proactive and reactive activity; to report and feedback to thee Students’ Union staff around projects and initiatives; to vote in community related decisions such as funding distributions, awards etc. 

What is proactive activity? 

For communities where a community engagement lead is in place, the Students’ Union will be facilitating activities and projects during a key time or activity for that community.  












Proactive Activity 






Key dates 





Global Majority 





Black History Month 





1 October – 31 October 2023 










Disability History Month 





16 November – 16 December 2023 










LGBT History Month 





1 February – 29 February 2024 










International Women’s Day 





8 March 2024 










International Festival 





March 2024 

What is reactive activity? 

Reactive activity is additional activity for communities that falls outside of the proactive activity. This could be for any communities and could be led by any students, not just community engagement leads. You can submit event requests and funding requests to support you leading reactive activity. Reactive activity could be campaigns, activity, or events. 

If you’re looking to host any campaigns, view the campaign training and submissions. 
If you’re looking to host reactive activity or events please complete the ideas form which will be sent to our community executive committee 


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