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GEM nominations Term 3 2020/2021

Lavinia Botirca

Lavi has done an amazing job with helping to film and edit the CUSU Awards. She took 2 days to film was highly organised and through editing creating a great video. The video would not have been possible without Lavi and she went the extra mile to create something to celebrate what our students have done this past year.


Jodie Brown

Jodie has done an excellent job in planning a virtual CUSU Awards; providing students with an opportunity to celebrate their achievements over the past 12 months. Although this event took a different format to previous years, it was still great to see the Officers dressed up and acknowledging their peer's successes. From facilitating the creation of the awards video to providing a clear and timely brief to the Comms Team to promote the event. Jodie was successfully worked with various departments to ensure the success of this event, which was well-received by staff and students alike.


Kitt Duff

I am nominating Kitt for his work on the National  Student Money Week campaign 2021- a  financial wellbeing campaign and  as far as I am aware the first digital campaign during lockdown from SUAC and the first which I had been involved in. It was somewhat daunting at first and the whole experience was massively improved by Kitt, who punctually attended weekly meetings, updated the team on engagement, provided ideas on how to engage students digitally and  developed a quiz on how to avoid scams. At the time of publishing this had potentially one of the highest number of participants  in a CUSU Kahoot quiz at a time when it was becoming  difficult to engage  students in digital activities. During this Kitt was enthusiastic, creative and proactive and it was a pleasure working with him.


Will Garnett

Will has shown a positive and proactive approach since joining the Comms Team. He has shown patience as the new team finds their feet and implements new processes and systems, providing useful feedback and suggestions. Over the past three months, he has shared and applied his knowledge of  CUSU with the team, making it easier for us to find solutions to support other departments. He has been an integral part of developing CUSU social media content and growing our Instagram following and engagement. Over the past few months, he has also taken "CUSU Spotlights" from an idea/concept to a regular piece of content that celebrates and shines a spotlight on students successes. He has successfully worked with other departments to develop his idea and capture content to achieve this.


Tracy Reay

Tracy has recently joined the employability team and has already been getting stuck in, making her a valuable asset to the team. She has helped with creating elements for city of culture as well as helping with delivery for Enhancing Futures (plus so much more). Tracy is always keen to help and has taken on a lot of responsibility in a short period of time, really going the extra mile.


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