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Education Officer Update - February 2023

officer update
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Hello students,

I hope this monthly update finds you well. As we move into March, I want to take a moment to reflect on the past month and share some exciting updates.

Firstly, I want to remind you to prioritize your mental health, especially during this busy period. Remember to take breaks and reach out to resources if you need support.

Also, I'm thrilled to announce that the SU Leadership Elections are coming up, and I'm excited to meet the new Education Officer soon. Let's continue to work together to make positive changes in our university community.

Major Updates:

  1. The Cost of Living Crisis working group, led by Desmond and I, has been working hard to address the financial challenges faced by students at the university. Recently, the group met with the Provost to negotiate on the last elements for this academic year. During the meeting, we emphasized the importance of implementing a policy for flexible tuition fees in response to the cost of living crisis. Although the initial outcome of this request was not positive, we remain persistent in our efforts to advocate for this policy. In addition, we are also working on expanding the 1£ breakfast deal and free parking spaces at the university's parking lots for the next academic year, as the current deal is set to expire in July.
  2. This month has been filled with nominations for the SU awards, and I am overwhelmed by the kind words in all the nominations. It was difficult to choose the winners with the team. I am really excited for the upcoming SU awards in March and April!
  3. Catherine, your Community Officer and I, have been present at the UCU Strikes on the 1st of February in order to show our solidarity for the academic staff over the unfair pay. We had the opportunity to network with your lecturers and create an informational video on the importance of the UCU strikes. You can watch the video here

Other Updates:

  1. Library Outreach Sessions: As sabbatical officers, the team and I have been gathering student feedback on issues such as timetabling, work abroad opportunities, and loneliness. However, we had to cancel our weekly library outreach sessions as students weren't interested in sharing their opinions. We're actively seeking other ways to motivate students to engage with the Students' Union and share their thoughts. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the university experience, so please email us at with any feedback or suggestions. As sabbatical officers, we're dedicated to finding ways to encourage greater student participation. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out to us.
  2. London & Scarborough Updates: I have maintained my regular monthly meetings with both the Scarborough Officer and the London Officer.
  3. Board of Governors: Attending and updating the Board of Governors on behalf of Your Students’ Union. We updated the board on the opening of Union Streat Café in Coventry, providing part-time jobs for students, and supporting the UCU strikes. Also, we touched on the fact that Your SU will provide anti-semitism training, while also renaming the President role to 'Welfare Officer'
  4. Focus Group on “Belonging”: A small group of student representatives from various faculties gathered for an informal discussion on "Belonging", where I had the opportunity to be a part of. The discussion was based on the Wonkhe report on "The Four Foundations of Belonging at University" and was organized by the main chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. The conversation focused on four main themes related to belonging, and attendees had the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences on each topic. It was a productive and insightful discussion that left everyone feeling more connected and empowered, with lots of work on the university in order to make students feel more connected between each other, as well as with their lecturers.

Thank you for your continued support, and let's continue working together to make our university community a better place.


Best regards,

Bianca – Your Education Officer


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