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PGR Feedback contributes to PGR Teaching changes

Feedback that has been mentioned in PGR meetings has led to changes in Teaching opportunities in Semester 3.

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Kirsty Harrod

Message from the Doctoral College 

There are upcoming changes to the way in which PGR teaching recruitment will operate, which we anticipate will come into effect in early 2023 to support teaching in semester 3. This is to centralise the process within the Doctoral College to provide equitable access to opportunities for our PGR and maintain an overview of quality. 


Advertised PGR Teaching Opportunities 

Teaching opportunities will be identified on a rolling termly basis and will be advertised through the Doctoral College and will be advertised via a PGR Teaching webpage. The Doctoral College will collate expressions of interest for these teaching positions and send these to the relevant Teaching Unit. Teaching Units will then conduct an internal recruitment process. 

We will confirm the full recruitment process in due course. 


Ad hoc PGR Teaching Opportunities 

The PGR Teaching Register is a database consisting of PGRs who are interested in undertaking ad hoc teaching during their studies. There may be teaching positions that need to be filled at short notice across the academic year. Teaching Units will contact the Doctoral College with details about ad hoc teaching positions. The Doctoral College will consult the PGR Teaching Register and liaise with Teaching Units to support the internal appointment of a candidate.  

We will confirm the full recruitment process in due course. 



Please note that to be eligible as a PGR to undertake any teaching (including both advertised and ad hoc positions) you must register for and then complete the Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Bootcamp hosted by the Academic Development Unit, or already be undertaking or have completed the 7010CRB Introduction to Teaching and Learning module.

PGRs can register for this bootcamp course by signing up to the PGR Teaching Register. PGRs who are enrolled onto, or have completed, 7010CRB will not need to complete the bootcamp.


Benefits of signing up to the PGR Teaching Register


  • You will be enrolled onto the Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher: Bootcamp. The boot camp is a challenging, half day, in-person workshop where we introduce the fundamentals of Coventry Way teaching and learning. Focusing on active, applied, social and inclusive teaching practice, our workshop provides insight and develops confidence, preparing participants for their first steps teaching at Coventry University. (The date(s) of the bootcamp is to be confirmed).
  • The Introduction to Teaching bootcamp contributes towards your Researcher Development Activity (RDA) hours.  
  • The completion of the bootcamp course can lead to PGRs registering for the Academic Development Unit’s 7010CRB Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Accredited Course.



Recruitment will continue to be managed through TheFutureWorks. The limit on weekly working hours will be increased to 7.3 hours per week from 6 to support a full day’s teaching within teaching units. 

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the Doctoral College via  


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