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Rep Wins at Library Meeting

Reps met with library staff to discuss feedback about their services. See below the wins that have come about from their feedback.

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Reading Lists – When students try to bookmark an item, login, click on feedback or my lists they get a ‘Forbidden’ message.

Students can now log in and use the tabs on the toolbar menu of their reading lists. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Dimpho Masinga for her help in facilitating a fix for this system's error. Dimpho met with us a few times to test out changes made by the E-Resources Manager and implemented by the Digital Services Team. With Dimpho’s help, the team working on this authentication issue was able to pinpoint which credentials weren’t being released and following an update and further testing with the supplier, we have been informed that the matter is now resolved. Thank you for highlighting that this was a problem.


Book a Space (Room Booking) – Students indicated that they prefer the block booking view rather than the ½ hour slot view

Following this helpful feedback, the Head of Library Systems has amended the room booking view on LibGuides to match the view on Locate. This enables students to clearly see what times rooms/spaces are available.

See ‘Book a Space’ -right-hand side of the home page -

See ‘Book a Space’ - The bottom footer of Locate Home page -


Renewing Books – Clarification sought on renewing books

As mentioned in the meeting, all books are automatically renewed to prevent students from getting fined for late returns. However, as highlighted there are a few exceptions:


Books will automatically be renewed 2 days before the due date, unless:

  • Another user has requested the item. If you see "Recalled" next to any item you have on loan in your library account this means that another user has placed a reservation on it and you will not be able to renew.
  • The item has reached its 12 months maximum renewal period.
  • You have fines/charges on your account of £10 or more.
  • There is a block on your account.
  • The item is not renewable e.g. Laptop etc.
  • Your course has or is due to finish.

If any items cannot be renewed you will receive a courtesy notice and you must return the items within 2 days. To avoid charges.

I hope this helps in clarifying the position with regard to renewals.


Requesting Books

As promised, here are the instructions on how to request a book when books are out on loan.

Just a quick reminder that a request can only be made by logging into your account on Locate if ALL copies are showing on the system as ‘on loan’.


Requesting books that are missing - Your Student Union reps mentioned that sometimes the library catalogue shows that a copy is available, but the book isn’t on the shelf.

As mentioned, it may be that someone is using the book in the library or the book is missing. In this case, the student can complete a missing book form also known as a ‘Reservation Report Card’ (available from the reception desk on the ground floor). A member of staff will look for the book and email the student when it is found. If the book can not be located then a decision will be made to either order a new copy or request the return of a copy that is already out on loan. I hope this helps.


Mobile Shelving - Students are struggling to use the mobile shelving and requested more guidance.

Library staff will record a video and include this in the library guides. In the meantime, please ask any member of staff who will be happy to assist.


Signpost to where print books are located - Students asked if subject signposting could be included at the end of the bookshelves to help students find books.

The library shelves all books using the Dewey Decimal system. In the past more information about some of the subject areas was included at the end of the shelves however, the list could not include all subjects because the list would have been too long. The shortlist often resulted in more confusion. It was therefore decided that the best way to locate a topic/subject of interest was to search ‘Locate’ and take a note of the shelf number (Dewey Decimal Number) and browse the area where books with that number are shelved. Signposting for some of the Art and Design books remains and specific notices about photographer books have been added. Please encourage students to ask a member of staff if they are having difficulty finding what they are looking for.


Noise on the first floor reported

The library has increased signage (including floor mats) to show that the first floor is a silent study floor. If anyone has a concern about noise on this floor then they can report this by using Live Chat on Locate or by texting the word ‘Noise’ to 07557 425520

Library staff will investigate and deal with the situation. Any report of noise disturbance is anonymous.


Thank you to all the reps who attended the meeting and for your valuable feedback.


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