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Why become a Student Rep?

Over the last week, you will have heard a lot about what being a Student Rep looks like. Let us tell you a little bit about, why you should consider becoming a rep.

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  • Did you know that we are a living-wage employer? Not only do you get paid the living wage per hour, but also holiday pay!  
  • Our Digital Badges and Leadership Awards scheme are recognised by employers. For every skill you achieve whilst being a rep, and for every new experience you have, our awards will help you showcase your achievement. They are also compatible with LinkedIn! 

  • You will benefit from joining a community of thriving students from across the campus.  

  • We host rep exclusive networking, social, and employability events. This means that as a rep you have exclusive access to a whole set of events. 

  • Moreover, as a Students’ Union we are constantly working on giving our Reps opportunities with senior members of the University such as focus groups 

Make sure to apply to be a Rep at Main Campus or CU Coventry (Mile Lane Campus) before Sunday 26th March! 


If you have any questions, please get in touch at 


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