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President Update - September

A summary of what your Students Union President; Desmond has been working on so far!

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Hi everyone,

I am Desmond, your friendly President. I am here for your welfare, wellbeing, and student experience for all Coventry University Group students including postgraduate research/taught student. Additionally, I represent you at the highest level of authority and take your concerns to the board.

July 1st, I officially started my role as Your President, I have been up to different activities and work for you, below are some of what I have been up to these past few months.


Welcome/freshers: I believe you had a great welcome back to campus with different activities that was used to welcome you back on campus, myself and the sabbatical team also with SU staffs put together events to welcome you and create fun for you, example the karaoke, scavenger hunt, big rep quiz, induction talks, queer words, bingo night and lots of freebies that was given out, I was in all of the different campuses across the Coventry university group to make sure every student was included and meet you all.


Cost of living crises: This is one big project for you! We all are aware of the cost of living crises across the country, with housing bills and all other bills going extremely high and unbearable which is unfair for us students, I wrote the vice chancellor putting you in mind and a we got back a good response which has led to working group between the SU and the university to see how we can make things moderate for you, also I have been to different conferences, example NUS cost of living event were I met with other sabbatical officers from other SU and we put together ideas and mapped out plans, we wrote some local members of parliament, again I was at the One Coventry  cost of living forum where I brought up students concerns and how the council can be of help to us, as I put student first in all I do.


Student feedback: I hope you are following us on Instagram (@covunistudents), twitter (Your students Union), LinkedIn (Coventry university student union), everything myself and the SU are working on and my locations are posted there regularly to let you know what I am up to and also the union.


I am always at the hub and everywhere around campus, come say hello and catch up anytime and bring me ideas on how we can serve you better.







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