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Campus Officer Update - Blocks 1 & 2

Find out what your CU Scarborough Campus Officer has been up to during Blocks 1 & 2 this year!

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Campus Officer Block 1 and 2 Round-Up  

Hello everyone,

These first two blocks have been a very exciting time for us as a Students’ Union, welcoming in new and returning students to support you all in the best way possible and give you the best university experience. As your Campus Officer, I can make sure your views are heard and that change does happen to give you the best experience during your time here at CU Scarborough. It has been great to meet new people along this journey so far and I’m sure I will be meeting more of you all as we start the new year!  Here are some highlights and notable moments that have happened over blocks 1 and 2.

Block 1

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is always a great time for you to really kick start your university experience and this year did not disappoint. There was a variety of memorable events from the Staff vs Students football match at Scarborough Athletics’ Football Stadium to the Bingo Night at Mecca Bingo which were both enjoyed by all. We will have more welcome weeks this January, so keep an eye out for those upcoming events.

Black History Month Film Nights

In conjunction with the International Students Society, to celebrate Black History Month, we had two dedicated film nights of Black Panther and The Lion King. These were certainly enjoyed by those who attended and there will be more film nights coming up.

Your SU Vue

In my manifesto I pledged to work and develop societies, bringing them to the fore and showcasing talent as well as showing others what they can get involved with. Your SU Vue was created by the Student Media Team to provide a news style programme that showed the events that had happened on campus. Students from the Acting course were also involved with the project, as they presented the programme, which allowed them to develop their skills and share their existing knowledge as well. After the post-production process was complete, we held a premiere in the foyer which was well attended by supporting students as well as members of staff. Watch Episode 1 here!

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is a time for people to take note and take action, as well as a time to spread kindness to others. A mental health stall was created so that students could leave kind messages of support for one and another, which was supplemented with an article from myself outlining what the day is all about and to raise critical awareness.

Block 2

Welfare Survey

Part of my own manifesto was to work alongside the Student Support Team here at the University, ensuring that you know exactly where to go and who to contact when in need, so that you can get help as soon as possible. This survey was created by myself and sent out to students as well as being promoted so that as many responses came back as possible. The findings from this survey will be discussed with the Student Support Team and other relevant staff, so that I can ensure you have the best and most accessible services available.

Student Voice and Committee Meetings

A large part of my role is to ensure that your views are heard and a key part of this is through the student voice meetings where a variety of issues were raised as well as many things being praised. These meetings where the first time that I chaired a formal meeting, so this process gave me a real insight into the student experience from many different courses, as well as allowing me to develop my own personal skills. I also have participated in University Committee meetings, such as Boards of Study and Academic Committee, escalating your feedback to senior staff across all campuses. This has ensured that your views and issues were noted by the senior management of the CU Group. This has allowed me to ensure that changes here at Scarborough do happen to give you the best experience.


Throughout this block, I have been in regular contact with most societies to make sure that they have a focus and to ensure that they are supported in any way with future projects that they have planned. As this continued support is in place and as various societies become more noticeable to more students, I hope that we can build upon the successful foundations that we have created.

What's been challenging during these blocks?

Starting a new role always comes with it many different challenges as you settle into the position. One aspect of my job I have found challenging this year was becoming more prominent and noticeable around campus. I’ve had to get to know students from across a range of courses as well as building professional relationships with as many staff. I can say that over time this has grown to be a success, yet at the start of my term this was a very challenging time.

What's a highlight of block 1 & 2?

One particularly proud moment for me was the Your SU Vue premiere. This was a project that was created and driven by the Student Media Team and so to be able to support them through the process and watch the content being made, finalising in a premiere event to showcase the work was a great experience and one that I will remember for a long time.

Block 3 and Beyond

As we draw 2022 to a close and reflect on its many successes, this has given me the foundations to build upon in 2023. We kickstart your return to campus with another Welcome Week, providing you with some high-quality events as well as reaching out to as many students as possible who may have not engaged with the Students’ Union so far. There will be Brew Monday, which offers you all free hot drinks, Bingo Night as well as other events which will be uploaded on our website here. As we go through the year I aim to continue to provide more events as well as working with the different societies to provide a range of tailored activities to suit you.

Contact me

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via Microsoft Teams or on my email

I will also be around campus, in the foyer or first floor deck in the new year so please feel free to say hello as you pass me.

I look forward to seeing you all in the new year and creating a wonderful 2023!

Michael (CU Scarborough Campus Officer)


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