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Complete the First Annual Disabled Student Survey!

Do you identify as disabled, including having a long-term chronic illness, mental health condition, and/or neurodivergence? You can make history and have your voice heard in the first Annual Disabled Students Survey!

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Click here to complete the Disabled Student Survey

What is the Disabled Student Survey? 

The Annual Disabled Student Survey is being run by Disabled Students UK. It has been created by disabled students for disabled students. It has been created to improve the university experience for disabled students by helping Disabled Students UK understand and improve accessibility within UK higher education. Statistics and anonymous quotes from the survey will be publicly available on to highlight best practice and compare universities. Prospective students will be able to use this resource to help choose their university, while universities will be able to use this to improve accessibility. Disabled Students UK will also send reports with the results to universities. 

Am I eligible to complete the survey? 

To participate in the survey you do not need to have a diagnosis or to have told your university that you have a disability. You just need to fulfil two criteria: 

  • Have been a student (including PhD students) within a UK Higher Education Institution at some point in the last year, and 

  • Identify as being disabled/having a disability or be recongised as disabled under the 2010 Equality Act. 

This includes having a long-term condition such as a chronic illness, mental health condition, and/or neurodivergence. To have a disability is to have a long term “difference” or “impairment” which (in the UK context) has a substantial effect on your ability to do normal everyday activities like reading large amounts of text, concentrating, socialising, taking notes, or doing the dishes. 

How do I complete the survey? 

You can complete the online survey by clicking here!

It has been designed to be as accessible as possible, and you can save your progress and come back to it later if you need. It asks questions about how you have found studying with your condition, what support you have received, and how easy it has been to access that support.

I have a question about the survey! 

If you run into any issues completing the survey or have any questions relating to it, please contact Disabled Students UK at  


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