Role Title Change

For the upcoming Your SU Leadership Election we have made a change to one of our role titles.

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Role Title Change

At the Union Affairs meeting on 24th of November 2022. Our elected officers voted to change one of our full time officer role titles

Therefore in this election the role of "President" will be changed to "Welfare Officer", 

Reasons for a change 

The following points outline the reasons for suggesting this change: 

  • The President role title does not accurately reflect the remit of the role which is welfare focused. 

  • The President role may indicate a tiered structure in the Officer team where the Officers report to the president. This is not the case and the officers work on a flat structure. 

  • This change would make it clear to potential election candidates the remit of the role. This should result in candidates’ manifestos and motivations being related to the role.  

Note this change will only change the title of the role but not the remit of the role. All current role responsibilities will stay the same.  


If you are interested in the Welfare Officer or any other of our elected roles then our nominations open on Monday 23rd of January!


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