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Why join a society?

Societies are a great place to meet new people, network, build skills and make change and give you a memorable experience during your time at university. Why should you join a society?

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Why join a society?

Being a part of a society brings many benefits. Perhaps you would like to explore a hobby? Practice your faith or celebrate cultural traditions? Or maybe you want to expand your academic knowledge?

At Your SU we’ve got a society for you with over 80 active societies to get involved with, you can boost your extra-curricular experience across our 8 categories of societies.

Check out our societies list to see which societies are active right now. You can even get an “I’m interested” membership if you’re not sure you’re ready to get a full membership just yet!

What do you get being a part of a society?

  • Build a network and community
  • Learn a skill
  • Taking part in some of our societies can help you make changes and contribute to causes that are important to you
  • Build your academic knowledge
  • Attend our end of year celebration
  • Meet new friends
  • And more…

Take a look at what our active societies are up to by following @yoursu.activities on Instagram

What do our previous society members have to say?

“Societies are a great way to meet other like-minded people who share the same interests and is a great escape from your studies!” – Maddalena, Women in Engineering Society and Art Society

“Being in society, with people sharing same interests as you, you can meet friends for life and make unforgettable memories.” – Gabriela, Pole Fitness Society

“It allowed me to make so many more friends with similar interests than if I had just tried to find people who were on my course!

We get to do activities together and play all the games we all know and love without having to explain how they work or be worried that someone won't like the hobby, as it's the reason we're in the society. If someone is ever unsure or more new to a hobby but they really want to get into it, a society is literally the perfect place to try looking into since it'll be full of like-minded people with all sorts of experience levels.” – Agata, Tabletop Society


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