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Joining a Society in January

Wondering why you should join a society this semester? Or need to know how? Read on to find out!

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Why should you join a society? Societies can help you:

  • Enrich your university experience and make new friends while doing something you enjoy!
  • Find a community amongst fellow students: whether this be interacting with your course mates through a subject-specific society, sharing your hobbies with others in a special interest society, or finding friends through a faith, international or cultural society.
  • Develop organisation, communication and teamwork skills by joining a committee and helping to run a society - all valuable skills which employers look for!
  • Learn something new

How can you join a society?

  1. Go to the societies webpages to look at all the societies available to Coventry students and to find out which societies you may be interested in. You can read about what kind of events societies run. Looking at societies’ social media can also be useful for learning about their activities!
  2. If you find a society you would like to know more about, register your interest and you’ll receive email updates from the society telling you about their upcoming events.
  3. Attend a taster session to see what the society’s events are like, and to decide whether you want to become an official member.
  4. Purchase a society membership, which entitles you to attend the society’s events.

If you find a certain society does not already exist and you would like to set it up, visit the 'lead a society' page to look at how you can do this. 

How can you make the most of your society membership?

Get involved! Go to any events you are interested in and interact with other members and the committee! You might have recommendations or ideas for events the society could run, so suggest these to committee members or consider getting involved in running the society yourself as a committee member.


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