Bianca Andrei

Education Officer

Bianca Andrei

Hi, my name is Bianca Andrei and I am your Education Officer. I am here to represent your Student Voice, as well as try to improve your learning experience.

  • Studies?

    I have just graduated from my degree in Multimedia Computing (BSc).

  • Likes?

    A bit of a nerd, a bit of an adventurer, and a supporter of pineapple pizza - let's start the debate. I enjoy getting involved in real estates and traveling around the world with my friends.

As Education Officer, Bianca represents the educational interests of all Coventry University Group students, this includes postgraduate students and those studying research-based courses. She is responsible for leading 1000+ course representatives across our campuses, additionally, Bianca goes out and about speaking to students to collect their feedback on issues and ideas that come up throughout the academic year, taking their thoughts on board and working together with them. Bianca is also a student representative on the University’s Board of Governors.

I have been actively involved in the Student Experience system since I arrived at Coventry University.

I’ll occupy the role creatively, encouraging other ways of seeing the future which focuses on compassion. Education is so much more than an economic good, it is an opportunity to think, explore and create with freedom and I am here to support you with that.

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