Michael, a young white man with dark brown hair, smiling at the camera.

Campus Officer (CU Scarborough)

Michael Kendall (He/Him)

Hi, my name is Michael Kendall and I am your CU Scarborough Campus Officer for 2022/23

  • Studies?

    I study BSc Applied Psychology at the CU Scarborough Campus.

  • Likes?

    I am very much a family man, and value them and my friends highly! 

The CU Scarborough Campus Officer acts as the President of the CU Scarborough Campus. They work to champion the experience and voice of students studying on the CU Scarborough Campus. This officer will work with campus staff and the SU to support students and provide services to ensure a complete university experience, such as events and campaigns.

The CU Scarborough Campus Officer will attend a range of meetings with campus staff as the representative of students studying on that campus alongside SU meetings such as Union Affairs and Cross Campus Executive.

Michael, a young white man with dark brown hair, smiling at the camera.

Having previously studied at another university for 18 months, I understand the student experience and what matters to you. I am a very passionate and driven individual who always wants the best for others, especially my fellow students. I am always happy to find out about your personal experiences at the university, so feel free to reach out and have a chat with me, so that you can have the best experience at university.


I am here as representative for Scarborough students, ensuring that we get the best experience possible whilst we are here at university. The time we spend here as students will certainly create memories that will last a lifetime.

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