A headshot of your EEC Faculty Officer, Maab Ahmed

Faculty Officer (EEC)

Hi, my name is Maab Ahmed and I am your EEC Faculty Officer for 2022/23. 

  • Studies?

    I am in my second year studying BSc Civil Engineering. 

  • Likes?

    Outside of my degree, I like playing guitar, learning languages, engaging in sports and playing video games.

The EEC Faculty Officer acts as the President for the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing. They champion the experience of students within EEC and work with Faculty Staff and the SU to support students academically and provide a complete university experience through extracurricular activities and events.

The EEC Faculty Officer will attend meetings such as Faculty Board, Faculty QuiLT, and Student Voice Working Groups along with SU meetings like Union Affairs Committee and Coventry Executive.

A headshot of your EEC Faculty Officer, Maab Ahmed

Hello! My name is Maab Ahmed, I’m a civil engineering student, I’m keen to have a career as a structural engineer.

In the past year of being a course rep. I have become passionate about breaking the barrier between students and the University as well as voicing student concerns and ensuring they are heard.

Students returning from online and hybrid learning may struggle to reintegrate into campus. I hope to help these students to get involved with social life at university, as socialising is a big part of our university experience.

As the EEC faculty officer, I will provide a safe place to support you and hear your desires for your course, to create the best student experience during your time at University. Furthermore I will foster woman-friendly culture for EEC female Students.

Whether this your first time returning to university after a time of online learning or you’re in campus, I look forward to meeting you all!

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