A headshot of your HLS Officer, Blessing Iniomon

Faculty Officer (HLS)

Hello, my name is Blessing Jane Iniomon and I am your HLS Faculty Oficer for 2022/23.

  • Studies?

    I currently study MSc Global Healthcare Management. 

  • Likes?

    I am a social butterfly. I enjoy travelling and attending social events!

The HLS Faculty Officer acts as the President for the Faculty of Human Life Sciences. They champion the experience of students within HLS and work with Faculty Staff and the SU to support students academically and provide a complete university experience through extracurricular activities and events.

The HLS Faculty Officer will attend meetings such as Faculty Board, Faculty QuiLT, and Student Voice Working Groups along with SU meetings like Union Affairs Committee and Coventry Executive.

A headshot of your HLS Officer, Blessing Iniomon

 I am a friendly person, so feel free to approach me anytime during university hours, about anything relating to your university experience. Your suggestions on improving students experience would also be welcomed. 

I am very passionate about improving the learning and wellbeing experiences of students, particularly those in the Health and Life Sciences Faculty, and by the end of my role as the Officer, I would make sure there is a significant improvement in the university experience of every HLS student. 

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