Period Poverty

Your SU thinks that sanitary products are too 'bloody' expensive. We don't think periods should impact on a student's ability to attend University and that's why we are working with Grace and Green, providing free sanitary products for students who need them.

Free Period Products for students at Coventry and CU Coventry

We believe that not only should all students be able to access the right products for their period when they need it, but that period products should be of the highest quality, because what you put in (and on) your body matters. We have partnered with Grace and Green to provide free products that are made without pesticides, dyes, bleaches, and other toxic chemicals and are certified sustainable. 

If you are and/or might be at risk of experiencing period poverty, please order your free products below. Please note, orders are limited to one product pack, per order. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, and would like support, please reach out to Your SU Advice Service for support. 

Find out more about our partners, Grace and Green by clicking the link below. 

There are no available products in this catalogue.

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