Give Your Feedback

Find out the different ways in which you can give the university and union feedback

Online Feedback Platform

This platform allows you to submit your positive feedback and report any academic problems you may be facing. Your feedback is assessed and forwarded to the relevant university department who will get in touch with you with a resolution.

Your Course Conversation

Course conversations are a chance for you to raise feedback about your course. The sessions are co-chaired and minuted by Your Education Reps and are open to all students. They are a great way for your voice to be heard and to bring positive change to your learning experience.

Your next course conversation should be scheduled in your timetable. You can find minutes for your study location’s course conversations below.

    YCC1 WC
    YCC2 WC
    YCC3 WC
    YCC4 WC
    YCC5 WC

Focus Group & Roundtable Events

Focus Groups and Roundtable events are opportunities for you to meet and speak with Senior Leadership at the University and share your thoughts on aspects of student experience with them. A few key wins from our focus groups this year have been:

  • Improvement of catering facilities at CU Coventry (Mile Lane Campus)

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