Mental Health

We know that finding ways to support positive mental health, can have positive impacts on us socially, financially and academically. So, looking after your mental wellbeing is really important during your time at university. It’s important that you feel comfortable and able to speak up about any issues you’re experiencing, and reach out for support.

Small therapy dog laying on blanket, looking at camera.
  • Making ConnectionsFriend making and community building

    Making connections and building relationships at university can offer support during difficult times and improve our social wellness, which positively impacts our mental health. Taking actions to build connections are important to balance social life with your academic and professional lives. We run community building and friend making events throughout the year, so you can make new connections and meet new people.

  • University SupportAccess free and professional support

    Coventry University has a dedicated Health and Wellbeing service which helps to support your mental health at university. You can access counselling and speak with trained mental health advisors who are here to support you. Your GP (General Practitioner) can also offer mental health support. To make this easier, Coventry University has its own medical centre on campus to support you for free!

  • Wellbeing EventsActivities to benefit your mental wellbeing

    From workshops to equip you with the skills you need to protect your mental wellbeing, to relaxing with therapy dogs on campus, we have events throughout the year to help support your wellbeing.

  • Support HubFind the services you need and reach out

    We have an online support hub, which is a searchable directory of both University and external support services that you can access. All services listed are free to access and can support your mental, physical and social health.

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