Your SU Placements

At Your SU, we provide micro-placements to support students to get valuable work experience. For these internal placements, you will be volunteering in a department at Your SU supporting their team whilst gaining skills you want to improve. Previous placement have included marketing and promotion, business development, research, and event planning which have improved the participating students time management, communication skills (both written and verbal), project management, collaboration, people skills, problem-solving and leadership capabilities.

How can I get a placement?

There are a few different ways you can get a placement with us.

Add+vantage modules

We offer Placement modules to second and third year undergraduate students studying at Coventry University and need to complete an Add+vantage modules. In our modules, you are expected to complete 30-hours voluntary work experience during the 10-week teaching period and reflect on your experience to appreciate your employability development throughout this experience. 

Click here to find out more about our Placement modules and how to sign up.

Enhancing Futures

During the semester three, and over the summer, we have placement opportunities for students studying at Coventry University. Placements are 30-hours over either a two or six-week period.  We ran these placements for the first time last year and received some amazing feedback, as you see below.

If you want to find more fun and different ways to get work experience, check out our Volunteering opportunities too.

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