College of Business and Law

Everything you need to know about Reps within College of Business and Law.

Find out who your Rep is

Unsure of who your Education Rep and Course Reps are? You can find them below. We are currently recruiting for all open vacancies, please apply to be a rep here.

Rep of the Month - Arjun Vijay

This student has represented in various responsibilities that are given as position of rep and has provided help and guidance to various students, raised problems to relevant leads and has enhanced students experience.

Your Course Conversations

Your Course Conversation is a chance for you to raise feedback about your course. These are co-chaired and minuted by the Education Reps. The meetings happen twice a semester and are open to ALL students and not just Reps and Staff, so why not come along and make an impact on your course today?

Look out in your timetables or any communications from us for when your next meeting is.

You Said We Did

Check out how academics in your study area have resolved feedback from students just like yourself.

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