We are committed to listening and responding to the experiences of all our members and service users. Our complaints page is the place to raise your concerns, voice issues and help us build a better Students' Union.

You can use this form to submit a complaint about any the SU, any of our services, or against members of the SU if they were acting in an SU capacity (e.g. as members of a society or as a rep or officer).

If your complaint is election related then please submit here.

If your complaint is about the University, your course, or a fellow student not acting in an SU capacity you may be better off contacting the University directly with your complaint (we also have some guidance on University complaints to help you).

If you just want to get in touch with the SU or are looking for support try emailing us or visit our advice pages.


What will happen?

Any complaints submitted will follow our complaints process, and we will try to resolve it swifly and fairly, and keep you updated. To give us the best chance of a swift and fair resolution try to give as much detail as you can (names, dates, specifics), and let us know the outcome you desire. You should also let us know anything you have already tried to fix the issue and include any evidence you have (e.g. photos, emails).

Your data will be handled in line with our Privacy Policy. Your complaint will be dealt with in confidence except in cases where they may be a risk to someone's safety in which case we may escalate it to the University or another body.

Submit a complaint

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