Withdrawing From Your Studies

Withdrawals can be temporary (when you plan to re-join your course) or permanent (when you have no plans to return).

Your Students' Union Advice Service is a free, independent and confidential service for all students.

Temporary Withdrawal or Permanent Withdrawal?

A temporary withdrawal is a request to interrupt or suspend your course with plans to re-join it in a year’s time. You may be able to temporarily withdraw for less than a year but you can’t temporarily withdraw for more than a year.

A permanent withdrawal is leaving your course with no plans to return at a later date.

Please find the key documents for Withdrawal below:

If you withdraw, you will be able to take any credits which you've earned on your degree to another education provider if you decide to go back into education at a later date.

Before you withdraw, speak to your Faculty Academic team and Faculty Registry Team, and the Student Finance Team. If you withdraw part way through the semester and receive a maintenance loan from Student Finance England, you may have an overpayment from SFE and they are likely to contact you and ask you to pay it back. You can find more information regarding Student Finance England overpayment on their website.

If you withdraw and decide to start a new degree at a later date, previous funding may affect your student finance entitlement, which is calculated on the duration of your course, minus any previous study, plus one extra year. 

What Support Is Available?

Withdrawing from your course can be a stressful time. While you are Coventry University Group student, you can find Health and Wellbeing Support available at the University. Find links to your campuses support services below:

If you're looking for a chat service, you can access Togetherall who have a 24/7 community to support your mental health. You can log in using your student details. You can also access support from the Samaritans' 24/7 helpline by calling 116 123.

If you do not have access to the above your GP should be able to advise. 

How Can Your Advice Service Help You?

Your Students' Union Advice Service can answer questions about your student finance or help you to complete the withdrawal form. To contact us please complete our online enquiry form. When doing so, please include as much information as possible regarding your decision to withdraw.

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