Free Period Products for students at Coventry and CU Coventry

We believe that all students that bleed, should have access the right products for their period when they need it, but that period products should be of the highest quality, because what you put in (and on) your body matters. We have partnered with the University to provide free products that are free of any dyes, chemicals and nasties we don't want anywhere near our bodies. All from Here we Flo.

If you are and/or might be at risk of experiencing period poverty, please order your free products Here . Please note, orders are limited to two product packs, per order. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, and would like support, please reach out to Your SU Advice Service for support.

Due to the high demand of the products please collect within 7 working days , if not collected they will be returned to stock.

Products we have available to order.

Tampons – A mix of regular and Super are included in a bag.

Choosing the right tampon:

Some periods are heavier than others. The tampons that Your Students’ Union are providing, from Here we Flo, have two absorbency levels – Regular (for light to medium periods) and super (medium to heavy flow).

  • Regular: Light to Medium flow 6-9g
  • Super: Medium to Heavy flow 9-12g

The other tampons that Your Students’ Union are offering are lil-lets compact applicator tampons. They come with a plastic applicator and are super – this means they are suitable for medium to heavy periods.

Applicator or non-applicator?

Tampons are available in applicator and non-applicator versions. Applicator tampons come with a cardboard or plastic applicator designed to make insertion easier.

If you struggle with insertion of tampons, applicator tampons may be a better option for you.

Sanitary Towel – a Mix of day and night are included in the bag

Choosing the right Sanitary Towel:

Here we Flo offers sanitary towels in different absorbencies and materials. Read the descriptions of each below to find out which ones are best for you.

  • Organic Bamboo Day Pads ( Pink package)
  • Organic Bamboo Night pads with ultra-wings (Blue Package)
  • Organic Cotton Pantyliners

Day pads are generally used during the daytime as they are intended to be changed more frequently (every 4-6 hours) as they have a lower absorbency rate.

Night pads have a higher absorbency and are designed to be used overnight and changed less frequently. They also have “leak-locking technology” to prevent leakage overnight.

Pantyliners are designed for use on days where your period is lightest, usually towards the end of your period.

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