Everything you need to know about Reps within the Postgraduate Research (PGR) Community.

What is a Research Rep?

A Research Rep is someone who represents the views of their peers from their Research Centres. But why should you be one? Being a Research Rep can be a highly rewarding experience during your PGR journey; you can bring about positive change to your Research Centre, build on the existing employability skills you'll be gaining and truly shape the student experience for PGRs, and so much more!

Find out who your Research Rep is

Unsure of who your Research Rep is within your Research Centre? You can find them below.

Apply to be a Research Rep

We don't limit the number of people who can apply; therefore, you will automatically be accepted for the role. We will contact you over the coming days to complete training for the role. Please note that you will not be confirmed as a Research Rep until your training has been completed.

We are currently recruiting for all open vacancies; please apply to be a Research Rep here.

Rep of the Month - Marwah Shnaiter

Marwah commitment to excellence, strong teamwork, and relentless pursuit of goals have truly set a shining example for all of us. They have gone above and beyond to making a significant impact on the overall student experience for their cohort.

Research Voice Forum

The Research Voice forum is a chance for you to raise feedback about your experience as a PGR. These a co-chaired and minuted by Research Reps and happen 5 times a year. Why not submit your feedback to your Research Rep and make an impact on your PGR experience today?

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