Changing Courses

Most course changes take place in the first two weeks of the semester, after this they will likely be declined or postponed.

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Most course changes take place in the first two weeks of the semester. Any requests after this date will likely be declined or postponed until the start of the next semester.

Before you change course, discuss your plans with your academic team and Registry team.

Course Change Form:

The course change form for Home/EU students can be found on the student portal here. The course change form for students on a student visa can be found on the student portal here

The form must be signed by your current Course Director (to release you) and your new Course Director (to accept you).

The form asks for your reasons for changing course. You will be expected to research the new course and include the reasons why you’re changing on the form.

If you’re struggling on your current course, explain why you believe you’ll do better on the new course. Think about how the new course matches your career aspirations and relates to your previous study.

After Your Course Change:

Once your change has been approved, you will also need to let Student Finance England know via your online SFE portal if your are a Home fee status student.

If you are an international student, the University will inform the Home Office if you change your course, course length or qualification.

This can mean that you’re not permitted to change course or that you will need to make a new student visa application before you are able to start your new course.

Important information:

A course change cannot be used as grounds for extenuating circumstances.

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