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SafeZone is a free application to help keep you and those around you safe. Someone hurt? Feeling unsafe? SafeZone can help!

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SafeZone is a free application to help keep you and those around you safe.

Someone hurt? Feeling unsafe? SafeZone can help!

  • Call for on campus assistance with just one tap.
  • Alert your protection team in seconds.
  • It’s completely free.
  • All you need is your phone.
  • Help whenever, wherever you need.
  • New updates coming. Join the Safezone to be the first to know!
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How it works

  1. Go to the app store on your phone, then search for SafeZone by CriticalArc
  2. After downloading, enter your university email address (not your personal one!)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up (you may be directed to the university's’s single sign in page)
  4. Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Accept the relevant permissions

  1. Open the SafeZone app
  2. Tap on one of the three alert buttons and wait for the timer to stop (Note: to skip the countdown in an emergency, tap the alert button 5 times fast)
  3. Your alert will be sent and a member of the response team will be in touch to confirm your location and provide assistance.
  4. Once your alert has been dealt with you can end it by pressing the cancel button.

  • Make people aware of your presence
  • Share your location in an emergency
  • Log your presence for administrative reasons


Whether you’ve been using the app for a while or have only recently downloaded it, we would love to hear what you think! Good or bad, only your feedback can tell us if this is something students find useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are on Coventry campus, you have unique access to a knowledgeable protection team who are here to help if you are ever feeling unsafe or unsure. SafeZone provides you with the fastest, most simple way to ask for help from your protection team and allows them to find you, even if you’re not sure where you are. No needing to remember numbers in a panic. No fumbling around looking for the right contact. No having to explain your location. Just one tap and help will be with you. We are hoping to expand SafeZone services on Coventry campus so it can do even more for you, directing you to exactly what you need, when you need it. Join the safe zone to be the first to know!

You can use SafeZone if you have:

  • An iPhone (iOS version 12 and above)
  • An Android phone (Android version 6 and above) – although if you have a newer Huawei device (Mate 30 Series, Honor 30 Series and P40 Series, and later) you will not be able to use SafeZone for Android due to the apps reliance on Google-Play services to access your location and send you push notifications.
  • If you use a Blackberry 10 or Nokia X, they will only be supported when Google Play Services is installed manually.

Signing up with a tablet is great if you don’t have a smartphone but you do have a mobile phone. You can use the tablet device to sign up and then put your separate mobile phone’s number in as your contact number. If you do have a smart phone we recommend using it to sign up to SafeZone instead of a tablet so you can get the best experience.

SafeZone needs location services on your phone or tablet enabled so protection can see where you are when you really need them. You never know when an emergency is going to happen, so when you check-in, SafeZone requests access to your location even when the app is not in use, allowing you to carry on with your day-to-day phone usage while it runs in the background, always ready to leap into life and help you when you ask it to.

Don’t worry! SafeZone will never share your location unless you raise an alert or check-in. Even when you do, it will only share with the people you need it to so you can get help as quickly as possible. No-one else can activate the tracking/location function. Only you have control over this through raising an alert or call, or by checking-in. SafeZone uses common smart device positioning services provided by Apple and Google that you are likely already using for other things every day anyway. The only difference is it is using them for one of the best purposes around – to keep you safe.

Don’t panic! If you accidentally press any SafeZone call button, you will be presented with a timer before the alert is sent. This means you can cancel the call by tapping the button again while the timer is counting down. If you don’t make it in time, you can still cancel once the alert has been sent, but protection will still try to contact you to make sure you’re OK. Please answer their call or message! They would much rather know you are fine and contacted them by mistake than receive silence and worry about you.

Not as much as you would think. SafeZone has a number of features designed to help with battery life. Motion and activity detection limits the amount of location tracking which is carried out (remember to allow this in your device’s permissions). The app can have different activity profile settings (we recommend ‘default’ for most users). And always remember to move SafeZone to the background once checked-in or when not being used to help with battery life.

The best thing about SafeZone is that it provides you with the fastest, most knowledgeable protection and support when facing an emergency at University. But it will still operate outside of the campus boundaries. If you raise a call or alert off campus, your app will offer you a single-tap call to local emergency services (999) and provide your GPS coordinates which you can pass on to the emergency services if needed. Great if you need to access emergency services in a panic, or aren’t sure if you are on or off campus at the time of emergency.

Always remember to register with SafeZone using your university email address – otherwise the app will not work for you. If you are having problems with verification emails, passwords, or using any SafeZone feature including raising alerts and checking in, check out SafeZones extensive technical support FAQs here.

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