Society Executive

Each year a team of executive members work together to decide on all things societies!

The society executive committee is chaired by your Activities Officer, Julia Reszka. We also have in the committee an Academic Officer, a Special Interest Officer, a Faith and Cultural Officer, a Media Official, an Engagement Official, and an Events Official.

Find out more about your elected executive committee members below.

Key Information

  • The Society Executive Committee meet on the last Tuesday of every month. Make sure to send in any submissions or agenda items by 9am on the last Tuesday of the month for these to be presented in the meeting!
  • The Media Official, Engagement Official and Events Official are roles that are decided by a nominations process.
  • The Academic Officer, Special Interest Officer and Faith and Cultural Officer are elected roles through the SU page.
  • The committee vote on funding applications, you can apply to receive funding for your society here.
  • They also vote on who will be awarded Society of the Month, you can submit an application here.

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