Our name

We've rebranded Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) and it's a pretty big change! Though we were established in 1960 under various names, it wasn’t until 1992 that the union was named ‘Coventry University Students’ Union’ following the status change of polytechnics to universities made by the Education Reform Act of 1989. This means we have been operating under this name for 30 years (as of 2022) and much like our need to change our name back in 1992, we need to evolve again.

The change comes at a time when the Coventry University Group continues to expand and aside from representing students at the Coventry campuses, we represent students in London, Scarborough and further afield, so we need to ensure our name is inclusive of all students across all campuses.

We are passionate about what we do, and it is really important to us that all students know exactly who we are and how we can support them.

So, following review and consultation with our members, we've decided to change our name to Your Students’ Union. That means whether you are a student at Coventry University, CU London or CU Scarborough, for example, you know we're here for you.


Our logo

Our new logo is an open circle completed with upward pointing arrows.

The circle represents inclusivity, and can also be seen as a ‘C’ for Coventry, where the University Group originates. This pairs with the ‘Your Students’ Union’ typography to make students feel engaged and part of their Union.

The upward arrows nod to growth and forward momentum.

The Students' Union logo. A dark blue ring with the top right hand quarter replaced by a pair of upwards pointing chevron arrows in light blue and pink

Who we are

Our brand goals

  • Every student that engages with the SU understands that it’s the SU they’re engaging with.
  • The SU feels authentic, independent and for the benefit of students.
  • All students see the SU as essential to the complete University experience.

Our values

  • We are inclusive
  • We are helpful
  • We are ethical

Our sub-brands

The rebrand also impacts our sub-brands (e.g. Societies, Advice, Course Reps) and the activities we facilitate now fall under six categories:

Special Thanks

Thanks to Phoenix Creative for developing and implementing the new brand, working in collaboration with Augarde Design and The Inky Giraffe for Graphic Design. Thanks also to Elliot Parker and the Students' Union web team for their work on the new website.

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