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Welcome to your Committee Resources, a hub to help you lead your society.

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Use this Activity Request Form when you're ready to host your own event, be that a weekly event or a one-off event.

Use this Guest Speaker Form when you're planning to have external guests host your event.

Use this Resources booking request form when you want to use any SU games or special equipment.

Use this Trips & Tours planning form if you're planning a day trip or residential.

Use this Society Risk Assessment Form if you need to assess the risk.

Use this Spirituality and Faith Centre booking Form when you want to use any Spiritual & Faith Centre resources.

Take a look at our Activities and Events PDF guidance here!

Click here to request a society room booking

To get to the Student Group Finance system first make sure you are logged into the SU website. Click the settings icon at the top right of the website then scroll down to the finances tab*. From here you can use the SGF system to submit, edit, review and approve SGF requests.

Use the Funding Application form to apply for any of the 3 funding options, Development Grant, Category Bid, or Start up fund.

Development Grant: up to £200 per academic year for society development e.g. resources
Category Bid: one-off application for funding for your events and resources.
Start-up fund: £15 for new societies.
Applications close on the last Friday of every month and will be voted on at the following Societies Executive Meeting.

We always encourage you to explore what merchandise you want to offer from your society or sponsorships you want to build. Let your coordinator know when you're ready to develop these.
Use the Sponsorship form to submit your request, feel free to speak to a coordinator or attend a workshop if you would like help with this.

Take a look at our Finance & Funding PDF guidance here!

View the full  PDF Handbook here!

Use the External Organisation form if you're linked to an external organisation or are planning to work closely with them across the year.

Use the Development Plan document to set your society goals and actions on how you will improve and excel your society.

Your coordinators are offering opportunities to develop your understanding of different concepts , check out what's on in the workshop calendar!

Check out a Society Committee Training Library here!

All committee members must complete their mandatory training modules:

Committee Training

You are expected to adhere to all points agreed to in the Code of Conduct.

You are expected to adhere to all points agreed to in the Guest Speaker Policy when hosting External speakers.

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