What are digital badges?

Digital badges, also known as micro-rewards or digital accreditation, are a visual representation of an accomplishment that you can display online through LinkedIn, in a digital CV or email signature.

Badges can be achieved through a variety of ways but ultimately all recognise your participation in extra-curricular activities hosted by Your SU. Badges make you more employable and a stand-out candidate.

  1. Achievement

    Achievement badges are awarded for attending or participating in an activity, be it an event, workshop, or seminar. It is a recognition of your attending and requires no formal assessment.

  2. Competency

    These recognise your development of specialist knowledge or skills through, training, a project assessment, or skills demonstration.

  3. Pathways

    Pathways are a series of achievement or competency badges that lead to an overall achievement known as a Mile Stone Pathway Badge and can help you achieve a Leadership Award.

  4. View All Badges

    You can see the full set of badges on Badgr.

How do I earn badges?

By engaging with your students' union! By attending events, taking part in activities, holding a role (e.g. being a rep, volunteer, or committee member), and completing training. 

  • If an event makes you eligible for a badge it will be listed on the event page
  • You will need to attend the event, not just sign up to it in order to receive your badge
  • Provided you are registered as having attended the event, completed the workshop or training, or carried out the duties of your role your badge is awarded automatically!

You can find a full list of badges available and the criteria to earn each of them on BadgrThis link will open in a new tab, the University's Badge platform.

How can I share Badges once I have been rewarded?

Once you have been rewarded a Badge you will get a notification sent to your University email, and the link will take you to Badgr where you can access all your Badges

The great thing about Badges is that you can share and display them on your LinkedIn profile.

More help with badges

If you want help finding out about badges and how you can qualify you can email skills.su@coventry.ac.uk or you can attend one of our Badges workshops and can find out when these are happening here.

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