Provisional and confirmed marks, repeats and resits.

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Once you’ve completed your assessment, you may get provisional marks. These marks are not official, and can change before they’re released on SOLAR, though in practice this is very rare.

Once your results have been confirmed, SOLAR will update to show your grades and whether you have passed, failed or deferred your assessments. It may also include information about your progression, enrolment or graduation.

It’s really important that you read this carefully, ask if you don’t understand anything, and follow any links provided to give you more information.

An “AD” next to your mark means “Awaiting Decision”. This usually means that your work is being investigated for suspected Academic Misconduct.

If you are unhappy with your marks and believe that they were affected by extenuating circumstances, you can appeal the University’s decision using the academic appeal process within ten working days of the results release date on SOLAR.

If you have any questions about your results, contact your Faculty Registry, you can find their details at the bottom of your SOLAR results page.

If you don’t pass your assessment at the first opportunity, you may have the opportunity to complete a repeat or a resit.

Resits and Repeats:

A resit is resubmitting your assessment without teaching. You will not be charged tuition for resits, as you’re not being taught.

A repeat is retaking a module, with teaching. You will be charged pro rata tuition for the modules which you are retaking. You may need to reenrol on your course.

Retakes and resits are both capped at 40%. You can’t choose when you resit or repeat an assessment, you’ll usually be offered the next reasonable opportunity to submit the assessment.

Dates for assessments can be found on Aula, and dates for exams can be found on the Student Portal. Your Faculty Registry team will know them too.

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