Societies Executive

Societies Executive is a working group that's purpose is is to represent the views of societies and lead on policy, operational and funding decisions relating to Societies. Societies Executive reports to Coventry Executive.

The purpose of the group is to represent societies across all categories and vote on operational, policy, and funding decisions by participating in the democratic processes laid out to them by the student engagement team. They will also aim to support the Activities Officer and societies with their campaigns and activities by providing media, events, and engagement support. The group reports it's work to Coventry Executive. 

Societies Committee is made up of 7 members; Activities Officer (Chair), Faith and Cultural Officer, Special Interest Officer, Academic Society Officer, Events Official, Media Official, Engagement Official.

Meeting Documents

You can see the minutes from Societies Executive meetings below.

If you have any questions about Societies Executive you can ask our officers directly or get in touch using the button below!

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