Campaigns Training

We are here to help you shape your university experience. We support you to campaign on issues that affect you through providing advice, resources and access to funding so you can make lasting change on campus and beyond.

Campaigns 101:

  • What is the problem you're trying to solve, and what needs to change? What is the root cause of the problem?
  • What are the goals of your campaign? What do you want to achieve?
  • What will you need to do to achieve those goals?
  • Consider who you will need to work with, such as people who can support you and those who you can collaborate with.
  • Consider how you will measure success. What impact do you want your campaign to have? 

Training resources

Complete our free online campaign training which will provide you with key information to help you plan and deliver a campaign.

Download the campaign handbook and fill this in. This is designed to help you plan your campaign by considering you aims, objectives and resources you’ll need.

When you're ready to begin, apply to start a campaign. A member of the community team will then be in touch to discuss this with offer you help.

From starting your campaign, to marketing and evaluation, we're here to support you every step of the way. If you want further information on campaigns and activism here at Your Students' Union, you can email the campaigns team at

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