When you enrolled onto your course, you agreed to the University terms and conditions around tuition fees (which includes a strict schedule of payment), which can be viewed here for all parts of Coventry University Group.

How should I pay my tuition fees?

You should pay your tuition fees using Convera’s GlobalPay for Students. This allows you or your parents to pay for fees in the currency of your choice, giving you a simple, quick and secure way to initiate the payment.

Be aware of agents offering to pay your fees as you may end up becoming victim to an Agency Scam. Find out more about agency scams, and other tuition fee scams, here.

Find many frequently asked questions on paying your tuition fees via Convera on the University’s webpage here.

What are the implications of not paying?

Not making payments on time will result in you initially becoming tuition fee blocked and eventually tuition fee excluded.

Tuition Fee Blocked – This means that the University will limit your access to University Services such as the Library and LibGuides.

Tuition Fee Excluded - This means that you will be blocked from accessing the University, from attending classes, and from accessing Aula (including the ability to submit your assessments). Ultimately, you will not be able to continue your studies until a payment is made. There may also be other implications, such as being reported to UKVI and your details being passed to the debt collection agency STA international.

We are not licensed to offer visa or immigration advice so for any questions about the potential impacts on your visa, please contact the Visa team by emailing visahelp.io@coventry.ac.uk.

What support can I get?

Unfortunately, there is no financial support from us as Your Students’ Union or from the University to help with paying your tuition fees.

If you cannot pay your tuition fees, please contact the Finance team and let them know. You can contact them directly by completing the Finance Support Form. You may be able to break the payments down into smaller instalments which are easier to manage. However, the Finance Team are not required to offer you a payment plan and it will be to their schedule, not yours.

How can Your Advice Service help you?

There is no financial support available from us or the University to support with paying tuition fees.

If you have experienced an unexpected cost that has resulted in you being unable to pay your essential living costs however, you may be eligible for an application to the University Support Fund. You cannot use this money however to pay for tuition fees, it can only be used towards maintenance costs. Find out more on our University Support Fund webpage here.

We can help by working with you to manage your money, establish what options may be available to you if you cannot pay your fees currently, and support you in finding what financial support you may be eligible for. Contact us by completing an Enquiry Form.

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