Add+Vantage Modules

Add+vantage Modules are extra modules taught by the Employability Team to broaden your skillset and career development whilst studying at Coventry University. Through our Add+vantage Modules, we deliver a wide range of work experience and career development modules to eligible undergraduate students.

Our Modules

Volunteering In The Community

Broaden your skills, abilities and experience by volunteering in the community. Choose from a wide-range of charities and non-profits to complete a 20-hour placement with. Not only will you learn lots about your chosen organisation and the people it supports, it will look amazing on your CV too!


Placements in Schools

These modules are your opportunity to get experience in a classroom environment. Perfect if you want to become teachers, but also an excellent choice if you need experience working with children and young people. You will need to complete an Enhanced DBS check to attend a placement. Your SU will pay for and support you through the process. 


Introduction to British Sign Language

Develop your communication skills by learning British Sign Language (BSL) the visual communication method used by 145,000 Deaf people in the UK.


Teacher Training Taster

Learn about the skills and abilities you need to become a teacher.


Effective Communications

Gain a better understanding of communication and develop strategies to improve your ability and confidence.


Intermediate British Sign Language

Building on the knowledge you learnt in the Introduction to BSL, this module takes you beyond the signing basics and improves your understanding of the Deaf community.


SU Placements

Gain valuable work experience with Your SU by supporting a department with a project. 


SU Sport and Societies

A perfect module for students already involved in a SU Sport Club or Society.


Career development

Spend time reflecting on your career aspirations and the graduate labour market. This module supports students to understand their journey to the job of their dreams.


Work experience

Developed for students who are already working part-time. This module encourages students to recognise their workplace as a learning environment and identify how these experiences will support their future career.

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