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Please see the requested information below:

Before you apply, please read below to see if you are eligible. Students need to be:

  • Studying until at least December 2024
  • Not on a full-time placement during the 2024-25 Academic Year
  • Be a student studying at one of the Coventry campuses

(Please note, for all paid roles there is limited availability and your application is subject to interview)

School Rep

As a School Rep, you will be responsible for representing all students within your School on matters relating to the learning experience. You will also receive a payment of upto £300 a semester.

Current School Rep Vacancies:

  • School of Energy, Construction, and Environment
  • School of Marketing and Management 
  • School of Music and Performing Arts
  • School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health
  • School of Psychology, Sociology, and Behavioural Sciences

Education or Senior Rep

As an Education Rep (or Senior Rep if you study at CU Coventry - Mile lane Campus), you are responsible for representing a small group of courses, within Your Course Grouping, on matters relating to the learning experience. You will also receive a payment of up to £50 a semester.

Course or Research Rep

As a Course Rep (or Research Rep if you are PGR students), you are responsible for representing students at a Course level. This role is great if you have time commitments, but still want to be involved. You can sign up to participate in micro-opportunities such as focus groups, CQEM and more. Earn digital badges for your CV with each opportunity! Please note this is an un-paid, voluntary role.

Rep Rewards Programme

We also have a dedicated Rep Rewards programme designed to recognise and reward our representatives for their exceptional efforts.

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