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As Promise and Christopher conclude their respective Part-Time roles, we will be seeing much more of them in their new Full-Time positions as Education and Activities Officers.

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Chris and Promise

Christopher Eban

College Officer of Engineering, Environment and Sciences

June marked my final month in office, bringing with it a mix of emotions. I felt sadness at the thought of saying goodbye to some extraordinary people I have had the privilege of working with as the Part-Time Officer for the College of Engineering, Environment, and Sciences. However, this was followed by excitement for my new role as a Full-Time Activities Officer, starting in July.

My tenure as the College Officer was marked by notable events and achievements, including:

  • Mental Health Panel Talk: Students from the College of Engineering, Environment, and Sciences had the opportunity to learn effective strategies for managing academic stress.
  • Your Course Conversations: Our college had one of the highest participation rates, thanks to various campaigns by student representatives, staff, and myself.
  • Induction Talks: I met with and spoke to new students from the May 2024 intake across various colleges at Coventry University, introducing them to YourSU, our mission, and the benefits of becoming student representatives.
  • Welcome Fairs and Stalls: I participated in numerous YourSU fairs and stalls, resulting in over a hundred students applying to become reps in one week.
  • Rep Interviews: I was part of the selection process for School and Education Reps, working alongside some incredible staff leads.
  • Student Voice: I attended several meetings, including the Union Affairs Meeting and the Coventry Executive Meeting, and chaired the CEES May Student Voice Working Meeting.

I am proud to say that I have completed all my manifesto points, which focused on increasing student engagement while maintaining a healthy academic balance. Though I will miss everyone, I am optimistic about the opportunity to continue serving and working with you all in my new role.

Promise Owai

School Officer for the School of Health and Care

As I conclude my tenure as the School of Health and Care Officer, I extend my appreciation to all the Reps, my Education Coordinator, Course Directors, and the entire Students’ Union for their unwavering support throughout this journey. Serving as a Part-Time Officer has been challenging yet incredibly rewarding, marked by numerous accomplishments such as:

  • Student Voice: I chaired the Student Voice Matters meeting, where student feedback was discussed with senior leadership. Additionally, I attended the Your Course Conversation (YCC) meeting, which was invaluable for understanding and addressing student concerns.
  • Rep Welcome and Promotional Stalls: To address representative vacancies, I participated in stalls organized by YourSU, leading to over 150 SHC students signing up as reps for the academic year.
  • Roundtable Talk Event: I organized a roundtable talk to enhance the student educational experience and feedback gathering, allowing students to voice their concerns and suggestions directly to senior leadership.
  • Rep Interviews: I conducted interviews to select dedicated and capable individuals to represent student voices within the School of Health and Care.
  • Induction Talks: During Welcome Week, I engaged with new students, introducing them to YourSU activities and available support services.
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Meeting: As a member of the EDI committee, I participated in discussions that shaped policies promoting inclusivity and equity.
  • International Academic Field Trips: Plans are underway for Global Healthcare Management students to embark on academic field trips, enriching their academic experience.

Reflecting on my term, it has been an extraordinary experience contributing to the educational experience of students in the School of Health and Care. Amplifying student voices and addressing their concerns has been a privilege. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and am proud of the progress we have made together.

As I hand over to the next Officer, I am confident they will continue to build on these achievements. I am also excited to announce that I have now assumed my new role as Your Education Officer and Student Governor of Coventry Group of Universities for the 2024/2025 academic year. I look forward to continuing to work with you all to further improve your academic experience.

Thank you once again for your support.



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