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Unlocking the Power of Volunteering: A Guide for Student Reps

Volunteering is more than just a way to give back to the community; it's an opportunity to develop new skills, build your CV, and make meaningful connections. As a Rep, you have unique opportunities to volunteer, helping your fellow students and enhancing your own academic and professional journey.

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Discover Exciting Volunteering Opportunities

Student reps can engage in a variety of volunteering activities, from organising events to participating in focus groups. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Event Planning: Help coordinate and manage events such as our Rep recruitment stalls, workshops, and future Rep socials.
  2. Focus Groups: Lead or participate in focus groups to tackle common areas of feedback and lead on change.

The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering as a student Rep offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the satisfaction of helping others:

  1. Skill Development: Volunteering helps you acquire and hone valuable skills such as leadership, communication, project management, and problem-solving.
  2. Referral Letters: Your dedication and hard work can be recognized through referral letters from the Student Voice Team and your Education Officer.
  3. Rep Rewards: Rep Rewards are our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all the amazing work you do with us as Reps! Throughout the academic year you will have opportunities to volunteer your time with us, and earn rep rewards such as t-shirts, badges, water bottles; Rewards (

Not a rep yet? You can apply here.

How can I sign up to volunteer?

One of the ways to volunteer is by joining us at rep stalls during events. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Sign Up: Look for sign-up sheets or on the website for upcoming events where rep stalls will be present: Events (
  2. Training: Attend any training sessions to understand your role, whether it’s providing information, signing up new volunteers, or answering queries.
  3. Engage: On the day of the event, be proactive and approachable. Your enthusiasm can make a significant difference in engaging with students and encouraging them to get involved.
  4. Feedback: After the event, provide feedback to help improve future stalls and volunteer experiences.

Volunteering as a student rep not only develops your skills during your university experience but also sets a foundation for a successful future. By getting involved, you contribute to the student voice community and become the loudest voice on campus. So, take the plunge, explore the opportunities, and start making a difference today! Apply to be a Rep (



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