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Part-Time Officers Update - November

Find out what your part-time officers have been up to in the month of November

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College of the Arts and Society Officer - Layna Forbes (

November was a productive month for me. Here are some things I have done:

  • I attended the second round of course conversations and other related meetings, where I listened to the students' voices and worked backstage to put the feedback into action.
  • I also hosted two crafting events. All the fantastic crafts were then used at the Winter Holiday Fair event which was a great way to end semester one. The event had a great turnout with students enjoying the festive season with hot chocolates, engaging in activities and networking with students! I’ve already received great feedback from the event, and I’m glad I provided the students with a sense of community and fun.

I will take everything I’ve already learned in semester one and bring this into semester two to continue to reach my goals of providing students with a sense of belonging and equity☺️


College of Engineering, Environment, and Sciences - Ashish Joy ( 

November has been a great month. I can't thank the education leads in the SU enough, I'll miss working with them and wish good luck to the new officer starting in January.

Here's a summary of what I did in November:

  • Chaired a couple of student voice meetings and had the second round of course conversations
  • Attended a round-table event and had a follow-up catch up with Paul Greening, Associate Dean for Student Experience who offered his support to future campaigns, helping us elevate student concerns and resolve them
  • Helped host two crafting sessions before the Winter Holiday fair which had amazing attendance and so much positive feedback. 
  • Hosted a poetry event with the help of Societies and Communities Lead, which was a really nice event
  • Had an education focus group (part 2) with the special envoy of the Vice-Chancellor, who shared positive information about the progress the university is making to improve student lives


CU Coventry - Emmy-Ange Kabala ( 

I am delighted to reflect on a month filled with engaging activities and valuable learning experiences. As Campus Officer, I had the privilege of hosting a thought-provoking focus group, where we discussed important issues and gathered diverse feedback. It was truly inspiring to see our community come together to share their insights and ideas.

In addition to this, I am proud to have overseen a series of festive Christmas activities and movie nights, which brought joy and a sense of togetherness to our campus. These events provided an opportunity for students and staff to unwind and create lasting memories as we approach the holiday season.

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and evolving in my role.



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